Monday, 30 April 2018

Cloud is Big Threat for IT admins or decision makers..

We are currently in yet another era of IT transformation where Agility is the key for new generation Information Communication Technology (ICT). Indeed the business is transforming in to agile regardless of the industry to meet the current demands.

Decades ago we go to restaurants and order the coffee and explain our personal preference like...”a strong coffee,  low sugar, hot, no foams etc.”. It used to take almost 5-10 minutes for us to get the coffee, however most of the time it won’t be in line with the order given since the message gets diluted at each layer before reaching kitchen. With the help of technologies today, many restaurants taking order in gadgets including all personalized requests which directly goes to Kitchen (through KoT) and processed immediately or there are coffee machines available to make the choice of individual. Adoption of technology is the key driver to move along with current business trend here.

In mid 2000s organizations realized that there is a need for collaboration between the employees to bring out the silos. The organizations deployed SMS, email, internal chat communication systems, video conferences, Intranet portal and so on. Always early adopters take advantage of first movers approach in completion. Information Technology especially ICT played a vigorous role in this business transformation, the result is most of us always on our smartphones or our gadgets to get connected for business activities.

It is “Chicken and Egg story” who brings the change technology or business and other adopts the same, however both technologies and business moves hand and hand.

So, the trend today is Agility; whatever technology complements agility that will be the choice of business and business leaders. Business Intelligence (BI) might be transforming in to Big Data Dashboards, Internet of Things (IoT) will bring lots and lots of valuable information from different sources like machines, devices etc. to its command center, eventually all key information should be made available on Mobile especially with three dimension dashboards.

This brings a major swift in the Datacenters of today. There are multiple changes in technology, platforms, visualization & reporting, application delivery, availability, security etc. leads huge investment and time. Also can’t ignore the existing investments and user comforts on their current interfaces.

Cloud bridges the gap of existing IT and need of today with cost effective solutions in short turnaround time.  Hybrid cloud is inevitable scenario today where on premises datacenter can securely get connected with other cloud service providers network based on their strength and best offerings. For example Hybrid with Office 365 for messaging & collaboration, Hybrid cloud with local service provider for Backup as a Service (BaaS) for achieving better throughput and SaaS based CRM with Active Directory as a single sign on.

Cloud is Big Threat for IT admins or decision makers if they haven’t adopted and leveraged to bridge the gap between current and business expectations. Cloud gives greater advantage of pay as you go / grow and delivers the solution almost instantly and lower CAPEX which simplifies budget approvals. IT Decision makers might start looking the suitable cloud service providers and products on the cloud that suites to their business than building the new with longer life cycle and higher CAPEX.

Please do assessment rather caught up with technologies, involvement of respective business stakeholders will give smooth take off….have a safe cloud journey.

Article written by: Natarajan Gnanasekar, Technical Manager, Alpha Data.

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