Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Six Facts & Figures on the Coming Cloud Revolution

With all the information surrounding the topic of cloud computing it was thought best to just put a few facts and figures out there to cut through the clutter. I have gathered them from what I believe to be variety of reputable sources; the constant being that no one seems to be overestimating the impact this shift will have.

  1. Cloud market = $42 billion by 2012 (AMD); $150 billion by 2013 (Gartner).
  2. A recent survey of 500 IT decision-makers, by SandHill found that 50% of respondents cited business agility as their primary reason for adopting cloud applications.
  3. Mobile and social computing are growing faster than anything before in the history of technology (users now spend more time on Facebook than any other site), enterprise applications will need to adapt and become available in similar ways.
  4. Gartner estimates that virtualization is growing rapidly and that, by 2013, 60% of server workloads will be virtualized.
  5. Public cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms are growing at 25% annually.
  6. A recent survey by Software Insider showed that every enterprise is using a software as a service (SaaS) application; however, less than a quarter of IT departments were aware that this was the case.

Last, but not least, a  video with a few facts from one of Alpha’s partners, AMD, which provides another useful summary.

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