Thursday, 4 April 2013

IPTV moves into the next dimension

Q: Lately we hear a lot about MCOM and the HOTstream solution.

Even though MCOM is active in Middle East for more than five years and luxury hotels are already using HOTstream, our flagship IPTV and Interactive TV solution, this year we had some new developments that gave more visibility to MCOM:  we've established a regional office to support further our local partners and we introduced many innovative solutions.

Q: Can you tell us more about the new solutions?

First of all, we fully migrated HOTstream solutions from the TV screens to a multi-screen environment, introducing HOTstream MultiScreen. Whether it is the in-room TV, their smart phone, tablet or laptop, guests can now experience on their preferred device, 3D and HD TV channels, Video on Demand movies, view their bill, order room service, make reservations to restaurants or spa, check the menu, have travel information and much more anywhere inside the hotel.

In parallel, we've expand our HOTstream branding and advertisement application to support all screens, enabling the hotel to encourage purchases, promote special offers and create new communication channels with their guests.

Q: Will the multi-screen implementation increase complexity for the hotel?

Not at all, and this is the beauty of HOTstream design. HOTstream MultiScreen interfaces are based on web application frameworks that allow for easy integration. For HOTstream MultiScreen the user interface of different devices (TV, mobile devices , laptops, and digital signage monitors) is a server based web application running on the same database and back-office system. In other words, HOTstream MultiScreen platform uses a single centrally managed headend to provide Hotel interactive services, IPTV, Video On Demand, High Speed Internet Access and digital signage to all different screens.

Q: Can you also offer HOTstream without of set-top boxes?

Being always an innovator, MCOM had already designed HOTstream on HTML5, allowing us to make our hospitality solutions immediately available for the new LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs. We will officially launch this during Equip Hotel in Paris from November 11-15.

The combination of HOTstream and the newest LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs that support HTML 5, allows hoteliers to benefit from the state-of-the-art HOTstream technology  eliminating in parallel the need for an external set-top box. The complete portfolio of HOTstream features such as the built-in promotion and branding service with interactive advertisements, housekeeping, maintenance and guest interactive services, are available to all hotel guests through the newest LG LT770H and LT760H series.

HOTstream high definition user interface is customized according to the hotel’s branding providing a unique experience for all guests. HOTstream's unique HD VOD movie catalogue is also available on the LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs.


Dimitris Petinos has over 15 years of experience in the IT market and currently is the VP of Marketing and International Sales for MCOM Media Communications, one of the leading IT solution providers for hospitality, healthcare and telecom operators in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Dimitris holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering and an MBA.


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