Monday, 16 June 2014

We are installing a New IP Network at the Kempenski Mall of the Emirates

Today, I would like to give you a small update about the installation which we are doing at the Kempinski Hotel located in the Mall of the Emirates Development. The implementation of their new IP network is currently ongoing and should be completed within the next month and it will give all visitors of the hotel an upgraded connectivity experience.

Alpha Data installs hundreds of such networks every year, so I am sure you may be asking what is special about this networks. The story behind how we won the deal is quite interesting.

For this Kempinski project, there was a large roster of well-known IP network vendors were vying to win a prestigious project, including; Cisco, HP, Avaya, and Huawei. The competition was fierce! So fierce in fact that one of our rivals offered a lower price with payment beginning after 6 months of use. The customer however ultimately decided to select Alpha Data.

The main reasons for doing so were that Alpha Data is a trusted implementation partner and have a track record of over 30 years, we have maintained excellent relationships with the vendors, and our sales and presales team has worked closely with the Kempinski IT team for over 12 months. The vendor we are working on this project is Avaya who offered some excellent technologies such as Shortest path bridging (SPB) on their switching devices, and the network is a 100/1000 Mb to the edge. A notable recognition to the whole team on a job well done.

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