Sunday, 30 October 2016

Internet Usage Statistics

When Tim Bernars Lee first invented the World Wide Web, as a protocol, he didn’t imagine to see his baby controlling the traffic of the day to day life around the world, sending and receiving million if not billions of emails and tweets rather than posts every here and there!

As a quick example, on internetlivestats website, it shows the current situation on the internet in the world, there are around 3.5 billion internet users active in the world at the minute of writing this article!

There are also more than 1 billion websites, I remember I read somewhere that the number of websites in the world in early 1990 was less than 500 websites; it actually took to the end of the year 2000 to cut the edge of 20,000 websites…

It took nearly 10 years to send the first email, and then it took 30 years to make it public and free, the email traffic in the world didn’t exceed 1 million per month, today the statistics suggest that more than 147 billion emails are send every day, that’s 9 zeros next to it!

Screenshot of the interesting statistics:

As for the giants, I can mention it on a quick, that google has more than 5 billion search every 24 hours, and Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users at any given minute! While the internet traffic at every day is more than 4,000,000,000 GB (I sincerely don’t know the unit here)!

Now coming to our area of sales and marketing…

Everyday there are more than 500,000 laptops sold around the world, and this study is only talking about consumers not the professionals which we sell! And there are more than a million tablets sold every day around the world!

I talked to one of the first comers of Alpha Data; he told me that a computer used to be sold at AED 35,000, that’s like 1 MB of RAM! Now you can almost prepare a new DC with this amount, I remember my first HDD I bought at my time (2001) was 20GB, at that time it was a big WOW..

Looking at all of this reminds me of what Neil Armstrong said when he looked to the earth from the moon for the first time “I feel it small… so small”

For those who are interested in learning more about internet statistics please visit: 

About Ahmad Hayatleh:

Ahmad is associated with the Services Division- Mina office as Senior Services Sales Account Manager with a 10+ years of experience in similar domain. He has an extensive interest in knowing the trends of internet technology.


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