Saturday, 25 November 2017

Elements of an IoT Solution

Device Data Insight

IoT produces data in large volumes and in diversity that leads to challenges in classical approaches to storage and data processing. As a result, data scientists and developers are working together to find new ways of extracting business insights hidden in this huge device data. Companies then benefit by seeing their IoT insights turn into business efficiencies, new customers and new revenue streams.

Basics of IoT Solution


Data flows from “Things” to collection, analysis and storage. Insights derived from data analytics can be required in real time for immediate response or can be aggregated for later use.

For real time insights, data processing should occur at its source. Computing at the edge reduces delay and avoids bandwidth consumption while transmitting data to the cloud or data center
There must be right amount of compute resources at the right place whether at the edge for immediate insight, in the cloud or data center to efficiently power IoT deployment.


IoT connectivity represents great potential. It can automate decisions and will be crucial for new products and services, but only when insights come from data collected through secure connections and trusted devices.

IoT can enable new business models and revenue streams by monetizing device data through a scalable, modular, universal IoT platform that offers device and service management on premise or through the cloud.


The vast volumes of device data in the IoT must be protected from theft, modification, and exploitation from the instant it is created. Security has to continue while data is in transit through the network, at rest in data stores, and when in use by applications. Leverage effective countermeasures proactively, end to end.

Partner Ecosystem

IoT solutions need to tap into multiple technologies. IoT requires an ecosystem of companies enabled by education, tools, and support. Engaging with right ecosystem partners is key to address constantly-evolving requirements and stakeholders.


No matter where customers are in their IoT journey, they can benefit from an experienced services partner to help navigate the landscape of sensors, gateways, connectivity, compute, analytics and business processes, who is capable of helping customers to assess their current environment and financial model, design the architecture and implement IoT based on business needs and industry parameters.

Gibi Abraham, Head of Technology and Presales Manager - Alpha Data

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