Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Digital Transformation fueling Smart World

Information Technology is one industry which transforms quite often and most of the transformations are not straightforward upgrade from the previous generation. As we all aware today’s era of digital transformation has been driven by technology like Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging industries. Technologies are building platform for innovations and niche use cases, this shift transforms the entire world from the way it has been earlier regardless of the industry.

Business leaders, decision makers and organizations needs an openness to transform their organization strategy based on these emerging technology to leverage the first mover benefits and leading in the front in their respective domain.

Innovation requires lots of brainstorming and collaboration between all stakeholders that includes business users, decision makers, internal & external technical specialists etc. The transformation is not going to be cake walk as it requires lots of push from the top, focus and persistence towards the goals & objectives. Also it might disrupt the core functions of existing operations, process, and delivery of their services and so on…..

Organizations are maturing for the transformation to agile business by bringing the changes like below however more to learn and accommodate to be the pioneer.
  • Defining the mobile strategy (e.g. Mobile First approach)
  • Aligning the Finance Strategy to introduce process for agile business processes. (e.g. budgeting, billing & payment mechanism for Cloud / subscription based services)
  • Security policy for publishing business application through internet and mobility
  • Data access policies and Readiness for Social Media integrations
  • Extract meaningful information from data source that never been considered earlier
  • Enterprise Dashboards based on job role.
Digital Transformation is:
  • Totally organized and agile
  • Connected & Collaborated
  • Every single bit of information is analyzed & visualized
  • Information on the go and secured
  • Proactive & Predictive
  • Greater Return on Investment (ROI) with lower Capital Expenses (CAPEX) / OPEX based
Smart world is ahead for Smart People with Smart Governments, Smart Banks, Smart Health, Smart Organizations etc. obviously on Smart Gadgets :) Today’s smart Investment & Smart Governance will transform the organizations to next generation world. SMART: Secure, Mobile, Analytic, Responsive, and Tolerable.

Article written by: Natarajan Gnanasekar, Technical Manager, Alpha Data.

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